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The Frozen Dead (1966)

Watch online full movie The Frozen Dead (1966) for free A crazed scientist keeps the heads of Nazi war criminals alive until he can find appropriate bodies on which to attach them so he can revive the Third Reich. Director: Herbert J. Leder Writer: Herbert

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Panic in Year Zero! (1962)

Watch online full movie Panic in Year Zero! (1962) for free A family of four leaves Los Angeles for a camping trip just before a nuclear bomb destroys the city. As lawlessness prevails, the father must fight to keep his family alive. Director: Ray Milland

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Altered Spirits (2016)

Watch online full movie Altered Spirits (2016) for free Four young people are pulled into an alternate dimension through a portal in a sweat lodge. On the other side four murderous spirits of centuries-old gold hunters await to steal the young peoples’ bodies and return

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The Tribe (2016)

Watch online full movie The Tribe (2016) for free A family of three young sisters live out their days after a pandemic has consumed most of the known world. One day a stranger suddenly shows up and their world changes in ways they never could

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The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)

Watch online full movie The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) for free Giant mollusk monsters attack California. Director: Arnold Laven Writers: David Duncan (story), Pat Fielder (screenplay) Stars: Tim Holt, Audrey Dalton, Hans Conried