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Black Knight (2001)

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Martin Lawrence plays Jamal, an employee in Medieval World amusement park. After sustaining a blow to the head, he awakens to find himself in 14th century England.
Director: Gil Junger
Writers: Darryl Quarles (as Darryl J. Quarles), Peter Gaulke
Stars: Martin Lawrence, Marsha Thomason, Tom Wilkinson

The Unsaid (2001)

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A seemingly-untroubled adolescent carries disturbing secrets that compel a psychiatrist to unearth the patient’s gruesome past.
Director: Tom McLoughlin
Writers: Christopher Murphey (story), Miguel Tejada-Flores (screenplay)
Stars: Andy Garcia, Vincent Kartheiser, Trevor Blumas

Mean Machine (2001)

Watch online full movie Mean Machine (2001) for free.

A soccer star jailed for assault leads a group of inmates in a match against prison guards.
Director: Barry Skolnick
Writers: Tracy Keenan Wynn (earlier screenplay “The Longest Yard”), Charlie Fletcher (screenplay)
Stars: Vinnie Jones, David Kelly, David Hemmings

The Fourth Angel (2001)

Watch online full movie The Fourth Angel (2001).

A man seeks justice when his wife and daughter are gunned down in a terrorist attack.
Director: John Irvin
Writers: Robin Hunter (novel), Allan Scott (screenplay)
Stars: Jeremy Irons, Forest Whitaker, Jason Priestley

What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (2001)

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A rich man catches a thief burglarizing his home and steals the thief’s lucky ring, who then tries to get it back.
Director: Sam Weisman
Writers: Donald E. Westlake (novel), Matthew Chapman (screenplay)
Stars: Martin Lawrence, Danny DeVito, John Leguizamo