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Day of Reckoning (2016)

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Fifteen years ago evil creatures from the underworld plagued the Earth with the intent of eliminating mankind. Dubbed the Day of Reckoning by survivors of the hellish holocaust, warriors of mankind again must battle the forces of darkness.
Director: Joel Novoa
Writer: Gregory Gieras (screenplay)
Stars: Jackson Hurst, Heather McComb, Jay Jay Warren

The Disappointments Room (2016)

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A mother and her young son release unimaginable horrors from the attic of their rural dream home.
Director: D.J. Caruso
Writers: D.J. Caruso, Wentworth Miller (screenplay)
Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Mel Raido, Lucas Till

Black Tar Road (2016)

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On a Black Tar Road between nowhere and somewhere, two misunderstood women find love in between the cracks of hardships.
Directors: Amber Dawn Lee, Rob Brownstein
Writers: Amber Dawn Lee (story by), Amber Dawn Lee
Stars: Maria Olsen, James Black, Darin Cooper

The Barn (2016)

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Its Halloween 1989, best friends Sam and Josh are trying to enjoy what’s left of their final Devil’s Night before graduating high school. But trouble arises when the two pals and a group of…
Director: Justin M. Seaman
Writer: Justin M. Seaman (original screenplay)
Stars: Mitchell Musolino, Will Stout, Lexi Dripps

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

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WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.
Director: Mel Gibson
Writers: Robert Schenkkan (screenplay), Andrew Knight (screenplay)
Stars: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey