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A Heavenly Christmas (2016)

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Upon her untimely death, a workaholic who never put much value into the joys of Christmas finds herself recruited to be a Christmas Angel — and is assigned a hard luck case that she accidentally falls in love with.
Director: Paul Shapiro
Writer: Gregg McBride
Stars: Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack, Shirley MacLaine

Exodus (2016)

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Observational documentary about people as refugees and asylum seekers in many geographical locations such as Germany, Brazil, Western Sahara, Myanmar, Cuba, South Sudan.
Director: Hank Levine
Writer: Hank Levine
Stars: Wagner Moura, Jule Böwe

First Girl I Loved (2016)

Watch online full movie First Girl I Loved (2016) for free

Seventeen-year-old Anne just fell in love with Sasha, the most popular girl at her LA public high school. But when Anne tells her best friend Clifton – who has always harbored a secret crush – he does his best to get in the way.
Director: Kerem Sanga
Writer: Kerem Sanga
Stars: Dylan Gelula, Brianna Hildebrand, Mateo Arias

Gimme Danger (2016)

Watch online full movie Gimme Danger (2016) for free

An in-depth look at the legendary punk band, The Stooges.
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Writer: Jim Jarmusch
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Iggy Pop, Mike Watt

The Tribe (2016)

Watch online full movie The Tribe (2016) for free

A family of three young sisters live out their days after a pandemic has consumed most of the known world. One day a stranger suddenly shows up and their world changes in ways they never could have imagined.
Director: Roxy Shih
Writers: Ian Paxton, Chris Manask
Stars: Jessica Rothe, Anne Winters, Michael Nardelli